Free: A Sky of Engines

A Sky of Engines
Before he made first contact, no one knew who Murton Klapp was. Now, there’s not a child on Arth who doesn’t know the legend…

After losing his family and his home, Murton is just another vagrant sleeping on the crowded streets of Gateway, dreaming of lifting off to another world. Folk step around him and his cardboard sign as they hurry through the bustling spaceport city, sometimes dropping spare change on their way off-planet.

When Murton stows away on a freighter bound for the frontier world of Esperella, he makes a discovery that will rock humanity to its core, and he must draw upon his relentless, dogged determination to survive. Will his tenacity be enough to overcome the insurmountable odds against him? Free on Kindle.

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Author: Fearghus Heatley