Drifting (Book 1)

Dr. Nadia Markoff leads the scientific community in the study of a new metaphysical phenomenon known as Drifting. It is a form of astral projection that can see into the recent past, present, and future of an individual and has become a hot topic in the world of science. Drifters, as she calls them, are able to project their consciousness elsewhere while they sleep.

After an unexpected incident occurs during her live demonstration, she meets Thomas, a young and handsome walking contradiction to all the research results she had prided herself in. What started as a paranormal romance quickly escalates into thrilling suspense as a new movement called the “anti-drifters” starts riots endangering everything Nadia has worked hard on.

When Nadia finds her attraction to Thomas is much stronger than it should be, she must decide on what’s more important – her research or her heart? $0.99 on Kindle.

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