Defying Odds: Empowered through Adversities

Defying Odds: Empowered through Adversities: From a Teenage Single Mother of Two to a Thriving Career Woman 

Have you ever asked yourself what would it take to transform a life steeped in challenges into a story of happiness?

Defying Odds: Empowered through Adversities is a fascinating portion of Marva Hyatts memoir, reflecting her experience growing up in abject poverty on the island of Jamaica, to chartering a successful career in the UK. Through resilience she has proven statistics about teen mothers and societys expectations wrong.

As you plunge into the pages of Defying Odds, you will discover the intimate details of Marva becoming pregnant at fifteen and again at seventeen years. Her triumphs through adversity were more evident when she became a police officer and a social worker, significantly impacting the lives of hundreds of youth and families.

This book is purposely aimed at teen mothers to give them hope in seemingly trying situations. See how Marva refused to let her situation define her but took each hurdle in stride to become the impactful woman she is today.

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