Death in Black Holsters

death-in-black-holstersThey said Lorn Chambers packed death in his black holsters. But Chambers was a relic from the past, the last of the great gunfighters. All the others were dead or had hung up their guns, trying to change with the times. Chambers turned his back on the future and rode off into the western wasteland, looking for what was left of the past. What he found was some vicious killers from his own past. They had robbed and murdered his parents years before and planned to kill Chambers before he could kill them. 

Warning: Reading a Van Holt western may make you want to get on a horse and hunt some bad guys down in the Old West. Of course, the easiest and most enjoyable way to do it is vicariously—by reading another Van Holt western. 
Van Holt writes westerns the way they were meant to be written. 

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