Dark Knights: The Darl Humor of Police Officers

Dark Knights: The Darl Humor of Police Officers
There is nothing quite like the police officer’s sense of humor.

The police are seen as many things to many people; protectors, law enforcers, upstanding citizens, but rarely, if ever, are they seen as funny. However, when one stops to think about it for a second, it becomes clear that police officers must come across some of the craziest, most eccentric, and most unexpected aspects of everyday society as a fundamental part of their job. If only a police officer with a sense of humor decided to write some of their best stories down…?

That’s exactly what Robert L. Bryan does best. As a former NYC cop, Bryan’s been in the thick of it for most of his career, treading the thin blue line between civility and chaos. Along the way, he’s come across some seriously bizarre characters and some even more bizarre situations. $0.99 on Kindle.

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