When my old boss makes unreasonable demands, I quit. Now my rents overdue and my cupboards bare. Blackballed by her, no one will hire me. Thats when I spy a nanny position in my old hometown. Moving back home feels like a failure, but the salary’s amazing.

Hired, I move into the owners castle (really, a castle!), determined to show love to Kuuniks wounded and incredibly sad daughter, Livy.

In no time, Livy and I are besties. As for my hot dad bod physicist boss, Kuunik? He’s grumpy, compelling, and if he didn’t insist I follow some rather mysterious rules, Id be all over him.

Rule #1: Stay in my room after dark. Weird, but okay.
Rule #2: Don’t fall in love with him. Conceited much?!

But something odd is going on at Kuuniks castle, so I break rule number one and walk the castle parapet at night, where I see an enormous bird swoop above the forest. I swear the bird shot fire into the sky.

As for his second rule, Im quickly a goner. Behind his snarls, Kuunik hides a sweet side that makes me crave him like no other. But hes as mysterious as his castle, and if I don’t figure both of them out, I’ll wind up with a broken heart. $3.99 on Kindle.
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Author: AVA ROSS