After enduring politics, marsquakes, dust storms, and landslides, PhD-to-be Jen Z and her fellow researchers have finally found life on Mars.

Their years-long quest may have even bigger implications than anyone imagined. The harmless Martian microbe they nicknamed “Crimsy” may have brought the first life to Earth, hitching a ride on rocks or dust from the Red Planet billions of years ago.

But to find out for sure means studies and tests in labs here at home.

Not so fast, say corporate and government special interests. They’re holding our history-making visitor hostage on an orbiting space station and threatening a global battle for control.

How do six scientists and three space station astronauts—as scrappy as they are dedicated—fight world governments, competing claims, patent lawyers, Homeland Security, the FBI—and two trillionaires with hidden agendas who helped finance the expedition?

How will they bring Crimsy back to the planet it might have helped create?

Forced into the fray against overwhelming personal and professional odds, Jennifer and her team must solve key mysteries about their own lives as they lead a charge to solve the mystery of life itself. $1.00 on Kindle.

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