Code Name, Erelim

code-name-erelimBrilliant and eccentric New York detective, Sherrod Colsne receives an uncommonly urgent plea from childhood friend, Sir Guy Hugo de May, Marquis of Maubrey, former head of MI6, and now president of a British security firm, Tower of London Aegis, or TOLA.

The Marquis in Jacksonville, FL for a conference with Biocon, a U. S. affiliate, and Organic Processing Technologies, Inc., a rival enterprise claiming the manufacturing processes rights to a very special CPU, in final developement at TOLA.

Long foreseen, the device, code named Erelim (according to some ancient Jewish and Christian texts, the highest rank of angels, and defenders of God’s throne), is a technology with the most profound and insidious implications, likely imperilling intelligence agencies and security organisations globally.

Following the arrival of Colsne and his assistant, Monty Weston, a seemingly inexplicable train of events occurs, wherein one of the conference attendees is shot, and Monty himself is poisoned, with almost fatal results. Colsne’s Sherlockian genius, and Monty’s lightning reactions bring to light the culprit, and prevent an international crisis.