Certified Heartthrob

Certified Heartthrob
I’m determined to stop the internet troll attacking my family’s company…
That is until that troll turns out to be a certified heartthrob.
Why did no one ever warn me that an internet nerd could look so good?

Our mission at Heartstring is to help people find true love.
While Mark Silver’s mission is to prove that true love doesn’t exist.

After tracking him down online, I find myself knocking on his door.
Only to find that Mark Silver in person is even more disarming than his profile picture.
No wonder his online matches are so devastated after he sabotages their dates.
It turns out, he has a different form of devastation in store for me.
One that keeps throwing us into each other’s arms…

New plan. Convert Mr. Silver to the cause of love,
But I never meant to be the one he fell for,
no more than I meant to fall for him.

Am I enough to put an end to his vendetta against love,
Or will he just drag me down with him? $0.99 on Kindle.

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