Autobiography of Charles R. Barefoot Jr.

autobiography-of-charles-r-barefoot-jrCharles R. Barefoot Jr. the World Imperial Wizard for The Church of the Nation’s Knights of the Ku Klux Klan had everything, fame, wealth, good friends and a great marriage. Then one day things began to fall apart. This first episode tell how all his troubles began, as well as giving insight into his childhood and the events that made him who he is today. Determined to keep his integrity and abide by the code, he finds himself fighting for his life as those he thought loved him conspired to murder him. This real live man lived a life like those we watch in movies or read about in fiction novels. Imagine at the age of only five years old suddenly being responsible to defend the lives of those you loved dearly. This was only one of the incidents that molded Charles Barefoot’s life.

Excerpt: It was dark, he couldn’t see anything. Junior opened the window so he could hear the car. Junior then jumped down and turned off the inside lights hoping it would help him see better and keep them from seeing him. Junior hated that it was a bit foggy and he couldn’t see. Junior knew that if they turned on their lights, he’d know exactly where to shoot. But if not, he’d have to rely on his hearing. Propping himself up at the best angle to do the most damage. Junior sat in anticipation with the gun aimed and cocked. Junior listened carefully. He wasn’t afraid, but he didn’t like not being able to see the car. Junior was determined to keep them from getting shots off that could hurt his pops or Lonnie.