At Full Sprint

at-full-sprintWhen driven journalist Circe Cole stumbles upon the opportunity of a lifetime, she’s ecstatic. She’s poised to interview top race car driver Miles “Cheat” Cohen, and it could launch her career into the stratosphere.

But things become muddled when she develops feelings for the dazzling racer…

Miles “Cheat” Cohen has it all. He lives life at full sprint, and never looks back. Not until he meets the beautiful and curvy Circe Cole, an ambitious young journalist looking to make a name for herself. He falls whiskers over tail for her. He’s got to have her!

But everything is threatened when a group of poachers from his past kidnap him and Circe. It’s not just their lives on the line… it’s their love, too.

At Full Sprint is a BBW paranormal shifter romance of budding love between fated mates.