Animal Verbs

animal-verbsWhat better way for your child to learn about the English language than with full-page photos of animals? In this photo e-book for kids from the PictureBookz Early Learning Series, each page shows an animal performing some kind of action, such as swim, hang, eat, dig, or reach. Very young children can simply enjoy the photos. Pre-schoolers can make up stories about the animals and maybe sound out the words. Young school-age kids can read the words themselves and learn about what verbs are.

Verbs include: clean, climb, crawl, dig, drink, eat, flap, flip, fly, hang, howl, jump, look, play, reach, roar, roll, run, scratch, sleep, slide, stand, swim, swing, walk, and yawn.

Animals include: bat, bear, beaver, duckling, elephant, fish, flamingo, lemur, lion, meercat, monkey, mouse, ostrich, panda, parrot, prairie dog, raccoon, seal, sheep, snake, tortoise, wolf, and zebra.