An Unlikely Phoenix

An Unlikely Phoenix
It is 2028. The President has just finished his third term and is about to be elected to a fourth. America has become increasingly isolationist and xenophobic. Emboldened by the President’s support, the New American Party has gained power and become a controlling minority. Cloaking its policies in the increasing need for national security, the President and his new party work to remake America in the image they desire, focusing their efforts on personal freedoms and immigration.

St. Louis police officer Ryan Derrick struggles to remain true to his ideals as he sees the best of his country seeming to slip away. His wife Nathalie is a frequent target for the subtle machinations of the party, since she is both a journalist and a foreigner. When tragedy strikes the family, their battle for freedom becomes even more urgent.

Alexander Derrick is a California state senator caught up in the midst of an anti-federalist movement and trying desperately to ride the line of balance between remaining true to his country and to his own integrity. Leaned on heavily by the Governor, he becomes instrumental in guiding the state on its path toward reconciliation or secession.

An Unlikely Phoenix follows both brothers in their journey during a perilous alternative near-future. The story is punctuated by excerpts from a history book penned in 2081, giving glimpses of the prevailing view from the more distant future.

This novel is part near-future, alternate history, part action, political crime thriller, and part satire, exploring an alternative future in which white nationialism rises from the ashes of history in the most unlikely of places – the United States of America. $0.99 on Kindle.

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Author: Frank Zafiro