ADHD Symptom and Strategies

adhd-symptom-and-strategiesADHD- Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder- is one of the childhood disorders becoming more and more common in recent years. This is a neurobehavioral disorder, which starts to develop during childhood and may persist into adulthood. The defining characteristic of ADHD is difficulty keeping focus and attention, hyperactivity and difficulty in controlling the different behaviors.

Are you living with ADHD? Are you seeing symptoms of your child, partner, or close fried of ADHD or ADD? What is this disorder? How do you deal with it, control it, begin to learn to live with it. This book will help you with all aspects of the disorder, but most importantly it will assist you in establishing a foundation to begin the necessary steps to reduce is symptoms and to live a normal life.

Learn all the symptoms and symptoms for both children and adults. Discover your treatments options for eliminating the symptoms and controlling the disorder! Most importantly, learn how to live with ADHD with both a child or an adult. This book does not only help those with the disorder but also helps the loving people who step up and take care of those with the disorder.