A Slaughter Of Ornithes

a-slaughter-of-ornithesA collection of five short stories, in five completely different settings. A Slaughter of Ornithes follows a missionary couple in Venezuela’s unexplored Amazon tepui region, kidnapped by local rebels and then stalked by prehistoric terror birds. In Last Place on Earth convicts escape a Soviet gulag only to be hunted by a pack of Pliestocene wolves. The Sirens of Celebes dives into an ocean of science and madness on a southeast Asian reef. Green Hell is a black comedy about a couple trying to live an easy life in south Florida and their constant, losing battle with the dangers of a tropical jungle. And Shackleton Crater is an epic, believable space survival story. A covert mission to the moon becomes a fight for life as astronauts are left stranded in the freezing darkness of Shackleton Crater.