A Girl Between

a-girl-betweenA Girl Between, the first book in the War of the Witches series, intertwines the struggles of today’s teenagers with past historical times of witch persecutions. The life of Tess, the protagonist, changes drastically when her abusive step-uncle dies and she is forced to move to her grandmother’s house in Woodley, Connecticut. Upon arriving, she experiences a strange feeling of deja vu, as if she’s lived there before.

As Tess settles into her new life, she manages to make friends, while also discovering that she has a number of enemies. She becomes involved in a series of frightening events that leads her to seek the truth about herself and the town of Woodley. Tess decides to undergo regression hypnosis which gives her a glimpse into her past lives. She is shocked when she discovers her true identity and how her past impacts her life today.