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Free: Greetings Earthlings

99 rhymes, designed with your sweetheart in mind, for gift cards, greeting cards or just … Read More


Four strangers drawn together by a common cause. A movement to destabilize the government … Read More

Legacy of Lies

A psychic rancher with too much testosterone to seek help and a temper more volatile than … Read More

Emma Beware

Standout athlete and student 14-year-old Emma vanishes-time's ticking-will she be found? … Read More


A chance encounter and an unlikely pair ignites the most erotic love story ever told... … Read More


When Mrs. Harper finds herself unmarried, unexpected freedom makes her yearn. Her needs … Read More

Marked by Dragon’s Blood

In a world where dragons are extinct and the dragon born people are massacred, a young … Read More

Free: Bare Back With The Quarterback (Boxed Set)

Get ready to sweat as these hot and dirty quarterbacks explore what it feels like to … Read More

Free: Endurance

Meghan’s training at the Academy is coming to an end. Everything is going great as she … Read More

Free: Gypsy Prophecy

Danielle was adopted as a baby. After years of feeling incomplete she longed to discover … Read More

Free: Touch Down

David Wallace the ultimate hot shot quarterback is the star of his college team. He’s … Read More

Free: Claimed by the Rival Boss

Aaliyah has had enough of the drama her man Devon, a low level hustla keeps bringing into … Read More

Arachne’s Challenge

Book 4 of the Peacetaker Series - The vacation is supposed to be a celebration of Stella … Read More


Did you ever wonder where you came from? An indigenous man finds himself stranded in the … Read More

Free: Stolen

Marissa never expected to be kidnapped. She never expected to be shut in a cage, forced to … Read More

Free: Victim Zero

The plague was born from hope. It was meant to change the world. To cure the incurable and … Read More


Neven stares at the portal as his mind races, the sight truly impressive. He is reminded … Read More

Mail Order Mishap

Amber Wakefield travels to Hunter’s Grove, Kansas to meet her intended and walks into a … Read More

Free: A Life Worth the Fleeting Suns

A near-future sci-fi suspense on life, death, the universe and our place within it. Tomas … Read More

Free: Barefoot with a Bodyguard

When their make-believe honeymoon in paradise turns sensual, complicated, and dangerous, … Read More