Featured Books

Free: Caught by the Cougar

A solitary cougar shifter discovers that being alone is no longer what he desires once he … Read More

Dragon Thief

Kal was not a thief. He certainly did not intend to steal any dragon’s treasure. He was an … Read More

Chaos In The Blink Of An Eye

It was the weekend before Thanksgiving. More than 100,000 fans were jammed inside Michigan … Read More

Help for Hysterical Humans Who Hope to Be Happy in Heaven or Here

Savor a delectable collection of recipes for making merry in one minute or many. Often … Read More

Free: Touched By The Wild Cowboy

Stephanie always wanted to create a wedding that would rival all weddings. However, when … Read More

Free: The Navy Seal’s Obsession

Sean Harper is the oldest member of the Alpha SEAL Team, but don't let his age fool you. … Read More

Free: Nailed At The Office

For months, Liz McKinney has watched the other women in the office fall all over … Read More

Free: The Billionaire Cowboy’s Last Hope

When Sara-May Sutherland falls pregnant with her lover’s child out of wedlock, her father … Read More

Free: Vampire With Benefits

After Chantal finds herself sitting next to two mysterious strangers—a man and a woman on … Read More

Free: Vittoria

A swiping historical drama about the unforgettable Vittoria and her Jewish family in face … Read More

Kissed by a Stranger

Widow Laura Fitzhugh has lost everything but her wonderful daughter. Josie is the light of … Read More

Signs of Portents

Portents is a city like no other—and one that Detective Greg Loren can’t wait to escape. … Read More

Straight On Toward Paradise

At fifteen, Chef Emma Bertram’s perfect family splintered when her father left for another … Read More

Filthy Escape

Jamie Lombardo was a young girl fresh out of law school and confident that she had an … Read More

Free: The Detective’s Plaything

Detective Annie Campbell gets her gold shield on the same day her mentor, Detective … Read More

Free: My First Time In Montana

Adaline Filcher's father is in big trouble. Adaline is desperate to help him, and decides … Read More

Free: Alapinah, The Quest for the Secret to Health

It all started in a small café. One man on his own, with a cup of coffee at his side, and … Read More

Free: Terminal Justice

A vast conspiracy by a shadow organization that uses dying patients to carry out their … Read More

To Gain A Valentine

Pediatrician Patrick Reynolds works wonders with sick children, yet when it comes to pets, … Read More

Destiny Revealed

Twins Jack and Maddie Austin go on a rescue mission in an unknown magical realm to save … Read More