Featured Books

Rise of the Enemy

Everyone has a breaking point. Carl Logan might just have found his. The Joint … Read More

Novus (The Cresecren Chronicles Book 1)

A riveting novel set in a dystopian future of action-adventure, suspense, and romance. … Read More

Free: Redbud (A Dog Lady Mystery)

Someone is killing the dog ladies! Who would want to hurt these women who help homeless … Read More

Free: Ask Me Again

Sweet romance story. Devin is an aspiring firefighter. His friend, Tricia and he grew up … Read More

Free: Out of the Shoebox

A fascinating journal that reads like a detective story, comes across as an imaginative … Read More

Strain of Resistance

Bixby and her crew of survivors have been battling the infected for 8 grueling years with … Read More

West Of The War

Young Bradon McTavish watches the bluecoats brutally hang his father and destroy … Read More

Free: Tied Down By The Billionaire Cowboy Brothers

INCLUDES 16 SUPER STEAMY ROMANCE STORIES!!! Marissa had to save her father. She was … Read More

Free: Ravaged by the Outlaw Biker

INCLUDES 16 SUPER STEAMY ROMANCE STORIES!! Quincy is an ex-con who escapes his parole … Read More

Free: Plateful of Murder

Claire DeNardo is scared of a lot of things. Ordinary objects like roller coasters and … Read More

We’ve Come To Take You Home

Samantha Foster and Jessica Brown are destined to meet. But one lives in the 20th century, … Read More

Free: Embers of Love (Striking a Match Book #1)

The logging industry in eastern Texas is booming, and Deborah Vandermark plans to assist … Read More

Free: All Saints’ Secrets (Saints Mystery Series Book 2)

The bayou holds many secrets. One of them is what really happened to Lisette, a beautiful … Read More

Live: A Burnside Novel

Mary Ann Rivers kicks off a new contemporary romance series—sure to please readers of … Read More

Free: Nightglory

In a world of swords, sorcery, and mythic adventure, the path of Power is a temptation for … Read More

Free: The Time Telephone

A time travel story with a twist… 17 year old Megan McConnell’s notebook is filled with … Read More

It’s Not Your Journey

In her first published work, Rebecca Lombardo collects her internationally followed blog … Read More

The Organization Experiment: The Last Organizational Book You Will Ever Need

Say goodbye to all the clutter in your home. If it's time to take back control of your … Read More

Free: Mistaken Kiss

Willa is nearly blind, but she knows trouble when she trips over it. Willa, the vicar’s … Read More

Free: My Massive Billionaire Boss

Bridget is a college student who is down on her luck and just looking for her job. It just … Read More