The Arrangement

the-arrangementWidow Gail Saunders is struggling to support her eight-year-old son, Nicky, by running a small riding school when the Earl of Savile arrives to tell her that Nicky has unexpectedly inherited money from Savile’s cousin. Gail and Nicky spend the summer at Savile Castle, where Gail falls in love with the charming Raoul, a man as far above her in social station as the sun is to the earth. To add to her troubles, someone seems to be trying to kill Nicky. The threads of the story unwind to an unexpected yet satisfying conclusion (which I am not about to reveal here!). 

Some reader comments on The Arrangement … 

The dialogue is priceless. The story complex….You will love all the wonderful characters and the sizzling storyline….Ms. Wolf is a master. 
The Belles and Beaux of Romance 

Another winner…wonderfully written….Whether your favorite Joan Wolf story features Regency heroes, strong heroines, or marvelous Regency era settings, you’ll find it all here in The Arrangement. 
Sherry Crane – Compu-Serve Romance Reviews 

It will keep the reader absorbed from beginning to end….This perfectly paced story leads the reader,,,through a harrowing search for the truth….The riveting narrative…will delight readers everywhere! 
Patience H. Smith , Gothic Journal 

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