Kiss My Carol! “A Christmas Carol” Comedy for Grown-Ups!

Kiss My Carol! "A Christmas Carol" Comedy for Grown-Ups!

You’ve never seen Ebenezer Scrooge like this before, no matter HOW impossible that is to believe!

Still taking place in Victorian London with all the cozy characters you know and love, this completely original grown-up comedy adaption of “A Christmas Carol” may leave you totally exhausted and dribbling from laughter at the huge amount of hilarious insane twists throughout!

Like the loopy yet lovable townsfolk, cockeyed Marley, the fun and unique ghosts, plus the over-the-top dysfunctional Cratchit family. Oh yeah, and Tiny Tim has Tourette’s so there’s that too. All this awesomeness wrapped deliciously in a surprise ending so utterly satisfying and yet so totally original that it’s hard to believe a human being actually came up with it!

So, come join in on the holiday fun… And God Bless Us Everyone! $4.99 on Kindle.

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