How to Download Free Books

How Do I Download Free Kindle Books?

Welcome! Our family here at eReader Nation would like to extend out a warm welcome to our new visitors and a welcome back to those who have already joined the eReader Family. We are excited you are here. Our mission it to bring you the best Free & Bargain Kindle Books.

How to Get the Books

Step 1: It all begins at your computer (not your Kindle). Browse our selection of free Kindle books.

 Step 2: If you are now looking at your book on Amazon then you are on the right track. Awesome! You are almost there! Check to make sure that the book you chose is still the same price. (Prices may change) Ready to buy?

 Step 3: On the right under the “Buy” button, select the Kindle or Kindle App to send the book to.

 Step 4: Click the “Buy now with 1-Click” button. Don’t click the “Read for Free” button as it will take you to an advertisement for Kindle Unlimited.

Step 5: Man it feels good to get a bargain! Enjoy!


Ready to Get Started?

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