Ghosted: The Treason House Trilogy

Ghosted :The Treason House Trilogy
Can a mortal and a ghost have a hot relationship? If it’s Julia Crawley and 19th Century specter Hillier Knight, the answer is yes. Julia is a 21st Century writer who returns back to her Jersey shore hometown of Monmouth Cove. A midnight encounter at the shore’s most haunted building, Treason House has her falling for Victorian gentleman, Knight. Their relationship has more ups and downs than a boardwalk roller coaster. They battle with a 17th Century pirate ghost along with Julia’s strange psychic family. If that’s not enough, Julia discovers a 300-year-old murder mystery at the house and turns Knight and his fellow spirits into celebrities. The surprise ending is a lead into the second book in the series, Spirited. $2.99 on Kindle.

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