Forbidden Road

Forbidden Road
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epic love college romance time travel magic

A powerless witch. An injured knight. Can two college students stuck in the past defeat a traitor who would destroy their own future?

Kim Taylor knows the value of secrets. If the wrong people find out she’s a witch, the final year college student will risk her family and her own existence. But living in hiding comes at a terrible price; nobody is there to help her when a spell sends her to the distant past, with no memory of who she is. Without her powers to protect her, she unknowingly becomes an integral part of her fathers plot to assassinate the king.

Olympic fencer Seth Rivers needs a college degree to secure a steady job. But when he meets Kim, and falls hard and fast for her captivating beauty and independence, he knows he will do anything to keep her safe. Even going back in time and forgetting everything he knows.

Except that now, in the past, Kim is a traitors daughter and Seth must protect his king. And in a world of dangerous magic, dragons, and violent knights, the life of a traitors daughter is not something that Seth would think twice before sacrificing.

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