Jodie and the Billionaire

Jodie and the Billionaire

A trip to Vegas for her best friend’s bachelorette party is the perfect break from her high stress job, and it serves to be lucky for Jodie, when handsome millionaire Dorian Cole asks her to roll dice for him at the craps table. Always lucky with dice, Jodie wins him two-hundred-thousand dollars. Grateful, Dorian offers to tip her, but Jodie refuses, ready to go off with her friends to a night on the town. And that’s when Jodie gets a real life indecent proposal–an invitation to be the billionaire’s “date” for the weekend. Looking into the man’s darkly seductive eyes–how could she possibly say no? ($0.99 on Kindle)

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Every Soul

Happiness is something I knew so long ago, and now it’s nothing but a faint, distant recollection of the life I once had. My name is Arion LaSalle, and seven months ago my life was shredded to pieces when my fiancé disappeared while deployed. He never came home, burning a hindrance of pain and agony within my soul. For so long, I lived my life believing everything happens for a reason, until now. ‘Cause none of it makes any sense. Why Nate? Why only him? Since getting through each breath is a struggle, I put on a fake persona, pretending I’m someone I’m not, living my life recklessly. Because for me, it was all taken far too soon. Note: This book is an Erotic Romance novel and contains mature subject matter. $0.99 on Kindle.

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Fresh out of prison, Talon wants his club back. Losing the President’s patch has left a scar deeper than any bullet wound. To get it back, he’ll have to wage war, battling both himself and someone who was once as close as a brother. And then there’s the beautiful woman…

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Blind Wolf: Paranormal Romance Box Set

From New York Times Bestselling author Aubrey Rose comes a shifter romance boxed set that’s as hot and wild as you can imagine ! This werewolf shifter BBW romance collection, has some naughty language, and a lot of naughty sex. Be warned!

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Be Mine: Ten Erotic Romances

BE MINE — Ten Erotic Romance stories, just $0.99 on Kindle

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My Rockstar Billionaire 3

After her smoldering hot trysts with mysterious, passionate Ricky, curvy Belle enters his world of superstardom. First with an incredible concert and VIP backstage privileges, then in his stretch limo, and his sprawling Manhattan penthouse suite.

But being with a hot international superstar isn’t so easy, as Belle soon learns. Worlds apart, she wonders if it could ever work out. Can they look past their many differences? Could it be that it’s meant to be? Not if her cheating ex-boyfriend or Ricky’s sketchy manager continue to interfere. Unplanned surprises shock both of them, making things even harder to handle. But it turns out that Ricky has more plans for her, both devious and beautiful, and some go beyond her wildest dreams.

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Free Erotic Romance

In “The Training of Scarlet Worthy” by Sara Plum, a homespun redhead escapes the repressive life of the family farm to attend a stifling all-girl college, she survives by academic excellence, even qualifying for a master’s scholarship at a London University. But inside she is festering a need for some tidbit of personal recognition. It’s not just her need for acceptance that has left young Sibyl Smith stunted. Admittedly, she’s self-burdened with a lusty secret imagination, yet Sibyl is also barren of any experience with love or a lover. amazon buy now

Erotic Romance: “Last of the Bad Boys”

If you like a dirty bad boy with a filthy mouth and a mind for sex, then this book might be for you. $0.99 on buy now

Red (Modern Wicked Fairy Tales)

Red Modern Wicked Fairy Tale

In this modern version of the fairy tale classic, recently orphaned Mae finds herself taking care of her ill grandmother and trying to negotiate the big, wide world of New York. Aside from Griff, a drifter she’s befriended on the long walk to her grandmother’s, she is alone, a frightened country mouse in the big city. Mae can’t believe her good fortune when she meets Lionel Tryst, a charming and charismatic real estate agent, who arranges the miraculous sale of her grandmother’s expensive apartment in the horrible buyer’s market of the Great Depression so they can both move out of the city. But is Mae’s luck too good to be true–or is there a big bad wolf lurking in the shadows? ($0.99 on Kindle)

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Mine (A Dark Erotic Romance Novel)

Mine aubre dark

I’m tied up in a serial killer’s library, his fingers unraveling me into screams of pain… and pleasure. He’s a murderer, I know, but if I said I wanted him to let me go, I’d be lying…
“Mine” is a dark romance novel that might make some readers uncomfortable. $0.99 on Kindle.

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Free: 101 Hot Sex Tips to Please Your Man in Bed

free hot sex tips

This book contains 101 hot tips to help women increase their passion in the bedroom. A woman that is sexually creative and confident is an amazing turn on! Surveys have shown that men desire women how will sometimes take control in the bedroom. Send your sexual relationships to a whole new level and blow his mind with the tips in this book. Free on Kindle.

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Naughty Bits

naughty bits

David has been brightening up his gray Surrey, England days with the porn collection hidden in the shed, but when he finds that Dawn has discovered his magazines, things really begin to heat up.  Just-graduated David is looking for a job, but Dawn has the week off and is determined to work on her tan. Distracted David finds himself increasingly tempted by her, and she makes it very clear what she wants. Her teasing ways slowly break down the taboo barrier between them until they both give in to their lust, but what are they going to do about the feelings that have developed between them in the meantime? $0.99 on Kindle.

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Changing His Game

“Changing His Game” is a stand-alone novel for readers ages 18 and up To say anything more might be TMI (too much information). $0.99 on Kindle.

A Battle Raging

Zach Yarborough lives with the demons of post-military PTSD, depression and the knowledge that he will never walk again having been injured during a tour of duty in Afghanistan. Those demons have to be exorcised and his psychiatrist has recommended that he take an art class to at least combat his problems.

Maya Temple is the beautiful art teacher whose class Zach finally takes. But Maya is a no-nonsense, take-no-prisoner woman who is quickly driven to distraction by Zach’s pessimistic attitude.

The two butt heads again and again, but soon realize they are fighting an attraction that eventually overpowers them. But can Maya sooth Zach’s soul even as she satisfy his needs. And can Zach finally reach inside his memory to touch on a secret about the battle that made him a paraplegic, a secret that he has hidden from himself? $0.99 on Kindle.

Club Alpha

club alpha

Want to take a peek behind that red velvet curtain? Come join our Club Alpha authors as they take you into the inner sanctums of some of the hottest, most exclusive clubs you’ll ever have the privilege of witnessing. Some come for the discipline, some come for the thrill, some come to find sweet passion, but all go away initiated in the ways of love. $0.99 on Kindle.

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Biker Romance: “Exquisite Trouble”

biker romance erotic romance mc romance ann mayburn

Before I met Smoke I’d never been kissed, really kissed, by a man, let alone a biker sex god bent on taking my virginity and my heart.

I got dragged into the deadly world of the Iron Horse MC by my crazy twin sister who is engaged to the club’s President and even crazier mom who only cares about herself. Smoke has been assigned by the club to keep me safe even though he’s everything that I should be afraid of. He’s the kind of man who lives by his own rules and does whatever he wants whenever he wants, but he treats me like I’m something rare and precious, not a socially dysfunctional basket case who has no idea how to love, but needs him more than her next breath.

Free Erotic Romance

that manfleashbeyond shame

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Free: “Love Bound”


Love Bound Lonely Billionaire Romance

Tricia is focused on taking care of her mother who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s but won’t listen to her doctor. She is only home briefly when she begins to miss John whom she had been romantically involved with just days earlier. She is soon distracted by a new flame Rod who she begins to date while she is home taking care of her mother. Which man will she end up with? Free on Kindle.