American Brush-Off

American Brush-Off
Labeled a “dangerous enemy alien” in his hometown, Lud Mueller learns how government agents are out to tear apart his senior year in high school.

It’s 1942, and the clouds of fear have gathered into the storms of bigotry throughout the United States. Innuendo has replaced due process.

Returning from a summer camp job, Lud discovers the F.B.I. has legally kidnapped his parents. Intellect, rather than his considerable athletic prowess, is necessary to help him survive the Crystal City, Texas Internment Camp where he and his brother reunite with their parents. Lud can’t afford to make mistakes with his family’s safety on the line. He can’t even stomach to tell his girlfriend, Betty.

Not only does he have to outwit Nazi sympathizers, he has to deal with the real reason for his family’s imprisonment—something the government has hidden from everyone. After the war ends, the threat of deportation to a devastated Germany looms for years to come. His five-year-long ordeal changes Lud’s outlook on conflict and people.

Japanese-Americans were not the only people interned by the American government during World War II. $2.99 on Kindle

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